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With the universal Christian Church, and as part of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, St. John's Lutheran Church teaches and responds to the love of the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We accept that the Holy Bible is God's Word, and teach the Bible-based teachings of Martin Luther that inspired the reformation of the Christian Church in the 16th century. The teaching of Luther and the reformers can be summarized in three short phrases: Grace alone, Scripture alone, Faith alone. Visit the LCMS web site to find out more.

36 N. Fourth St, Allegany, NY 14706 || (716) 373-0025 || Rev. Daniel Buringrud, Pastor

Announcements for May 28, 2017

Help Needed  Annabelle Sue’s daughter, Becky is asking for some help.  She occasionally needs help with moving her mother.  If you are willing to help her out you can give her a call at Annabelle’s home, 372-3384.  If we could get a few names so she can call a variety that would be great.  This way Annabelle gets to see some of us too.  Thank you in advance.

Stained Glass Windows Several years ago, when the windows on the south side of the church were restored, it was determined that the ones on the north side would need to be done also. The Church Council has decided we need to save our 110 year old windows before it is too late. A Windows fund has been started to fund the cost, probably between $40,000.00 and $60,000.00. We will have a more precise number when we get an estimate from the company. Please do not feel you need to make a onetime large donation, many small ones will get us to our destination just as well. Put any donations in the offering plate or mail to the church – just mark them for the windows. You will receive credit on your yearly statement.  There are envelopes at the end of each pew and some in the narthex if you would like to give a donation for the replacement.

March for Babies  The annual March of Dimes march for babies will be held on June 8th, Thursday night at Good Times in Olean.  Join Galvin’s Crusaders to support this worthwhile cause.  More information can be found in the Narthex or from Galvin Nugent.

Driver Needed  Norma Higley is living in Eden Heights and would like to come to church.  She can no longer drive and she needs a ride.  There is a sheet on the bulletin board with more information on it.  Please consider helping her out.  Maybe you could volunteer once a month or so.  Thank you in advance.

Home Visitation  Anyone who would like a home visitation or communion, contact Ray McKinney at 372-4340.

Majengo  The Moore family is very active with Majengo and they have asked us to help out this wonderful cause.  There is a box in the narthex for your loose change or if you feel the need paper bills.  This money will help support the Home for Children.

Wednesday Prayer Meeting 5/10/17

At St. John’s, we come together every Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock to join in prayer. We have a variety of issues we lift up to the Lord. This list changes from week to week. Everyone is welcome! Bring your own concerns and we’ll pray together. God is listening!

This week’s prayer concerns –

  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Prayers of thanks and praise. To God be the Glory!
  • Prayers for healing for the sick, and strength for their caregivers
  • Prayers for the homebound and handicapped, strengthen and comfort them with Your presence
  • Prayers of thanks for all You do for the children at Majengo, and thanks for all of their supporters and care-givers
  • Prayers for guidance for Pastor Dan
  • Prayers for all those who’ve recent
  • Prayers for the people of St. John’s and St. Paul’s – guide us into understanding, so we can follow Your path
  • Prayers for families, our children, the institution of marriage
  • Prayers for the new college graduates
  • Prayers for employment for those who are seeking, thanks for those who are employed
  • Prayers for leaders, church leaders, business leaders, government leaders – all those who take on the mantle of leadership
  • Prayers for all the people affected by the recent tornadoes, and the floods
  • Prayer request cards

“We do not come to God as strangers pleading for special favors, but as those He calls His children”

Father, we thank You for all Your answers – the “no” answers, the “not yet” answers, and the “yes” answers, because we know that You know best!

Lord, hear too the other prayers of our hearts – the prayers not mentioned aloud – the prayers that are deep inside us. Hear our prayers for healing – for peace – for forgiveness – for quiet – for grace upon grace…

All these things we ask in the name of Jesus.  Amen.