Congregational Directory  I have placed 2 copies of the directory for you to look at in the narthex on the back table.  Please look it over to see if there are any mistakes or if I have left anyone out that you know of.  Feel free to mark these up and I will make corrections and additions.

Mid-Week Dinners  We are looking for people willing to be in charge of the mid-week dinners.  I have a sheet down in the basement for the mid-week dinners along with the regular monthly dinners.  If you are interested please sign-up.  Also if you have an idea what you might be bringing please write that on the list also.

Ash Wednesday and Lent  Ash Wednesday is February 26th this year.  It will be held here at St. John’s at 7 PM.  We have invited the other Lutheran Churches in the area to join us.  The following Wednesday, March 4th starts our mid-week services.  There will be a soup and sandwich dinner before the service at 6 PM and service at 7 PM.  Please join us for these meaningful services.

Spaghetti Dinner Our sister church, Immanuel Lutheran, is having a take-out Spaghetti Dinner on Ash Wednesday, February 26th.  It is running from 4 – 5:30 pm.  Adults $7, Children under 12 $3 and family $20.

Introductory or Member classes If you have any interest in an introductory or member class please let Pastor Cheek or Carolynne leFeber know.  It would be a short I day, couple hour class. 

Monthly Congregational Luncheons If you would like to host one of our monthly luncheons please put your name on the sheet in the basement by the kitchen.  We are also asking you to sign up if you will be bring an item to help out the host.  This just lets us know how many meats, vegs, fruits and desserts will be here. You don’t have to say exactly what you have in mind it’s just for information.  Also please feel free to come even if you can’t bring something with you.

Chairs  Chairs were donated to the church and we have an overabundance of them.  If you or anyone you know has a need for them please feel free to take them.  They were chairs that were in the Old Library before the newest renovation. 

Bible Study Pastor Cheek will be holding a weekly adult study of Isaiah on Wednesday mornings from 10-11:30 AM at Immanuel.  All are invited to join.

Food Pantry We are still collecting food items for the Food Pantry.  They have a great need for items now.  There is a bin in the narthex for you to place your donations.

Sign-out Sheet  Please use the sign out sheet in the office if you plan on borrowing any items from church.

Majengo  The Moores are asking for your help in supporting Majengo, a children’s home. You can put your donation in the box in the narthex. More info is in the narthex.

Daily Devotions

Sunday, February 9 – Job 6:1-13 and Psalm 95:1-9

Monday, February 10 – Job 6:14-30 and Psalm 7

Tuesday, February 11 – Job 7 and Psalm 8

Wednesday, February 12 – Job 8 and Psalm 85

Thursday, February 13 – Job 9:1-20 and Psalm 69:29-36

Friday, February 14 – Job 10 and Psalm 144

Saturday, February 15 – Job 11 and Psalm 110