Congregational Directory  I have placed 2 copies of the directory for you to look at in the narthex on the back table.  Please look it over to see if there are any mistakes or if I have left anyone out that you know of.  Feel free to mark these up and I will make corrections and additions.

Easter Flowers  If you have flowers that you would like to donate for Easter service please have them here by April 8th.

“One Night” Fundraiser to benefit the Genesis House

Instead of giving up something that doesn’t benefit anyone, to celebrate the season of Lent, we at St. John’s have decided to give something someone else can use, the $100 that will make a huge difference for a homeless family.  For little more than a dollar a day during the Lenten season, you will provide all of these services for an entire family that lives in our area!  If you can offer this important gift, please provide an address where we can send a thank you card and your cash or check can be made out to Genesis House of Olean, Inc. Chris Hackett will be taking donations from now to Easter Sunday.  Those at Genesis House sincerely Thank You! Please mail your donations to Chris Hackett at 4972 S. Nine Mile Rd. Allegany, NY 14706

Mid-week Lenten Services  There will not be a soup and sandwich dinner before the service at 7 PM.  Please join us for these meaningful services.

Rebuilding Together  There are applications for Rebuilding Together in the narthex on the table.  If you know of someone that needs help or you yourself need some help, consider having Rebuilding Together helping.

Chairs  Chairs were donated to the church and we have an overabundance of them.  If you or anyone you know has a need for them please feel free to take them.  They were chairs that were in the Old Library before the newest renovation. 

Food Pantry We are still collecting food items for the Food Pantry.  They have a great need for items now.  There is a bin in the narthex for you to place your donations.

Sign-out Sheet  Please use the sign out sheet in the office if you plan on borrowing any items from church.

Majengo  The Moores are asking for your help in supporting Majengo, a children’s home. You can put your donation in the box in the narthex. More info is in the narthex.

Daily Devotions

Sunday, March 29 – Ezekiel 37:1-14 and Psalm 130

Monday, March 30 – Romans 8:1-11 and Psalm 63

Tuesday, March 31 – John 11:17-27 and Psalm 9:1-14

Wednesday, April 1 – Matthew 27:33-46 and Psalm 18:6-7, 16-20

Thursday, April 2 – John 15:12-14 and Psalm 69:33-36

Friday, April 3 –  Romans 5:6-8 and Psalm 22:1-5

Saturday, April 4 – 1 Corinthians 2:9-12 and Psalm 78:52-55